Monday, April 8, 2013

Figuring it out as I go...

 So after a brief hiatus for surgery,  I'm back and making some progress on a few light-weight jobs. This picture shows  the doors set in place with the hinges I found on line at a sight for truck "refer" hardware. Because the plywood is relatively soft not to mention the redwood lining the inside and outside, I decided not to trust screws to hold the weight of the doors.

 This is a shot of the hinge from obviously the outside before the siding is applied. They look like screws but they are actually flat-head bolts attached to T-nuts set into the plywood from the inside ( shown below).

 You can see in the shot above, the T-nuts imbedded in the plywood. If you've never seen a T-nut, here's one (below) that shows the teeth that hold it in the wood and keep it from turning freely. Now that they are set I can cover them up with the interior paneling. The flat head bolts will be replaced with stainless steel security screws that can't be removed without a special tool.
A T-nut at the end of a bolt.

 Here is a shot of the interior paneling and the window temporarily set for a fitting.
So far, so good! Almost time to start sanding and varnishing.

As evening approached, I was able to get the other interior side paneled and with only a little light left sneak a shot of the right side from the paneled left side.


  1. Wow, the teardrop's looking great! The interior paneling looks amazing in that last shot. Can you even buy that quality of redwood anymore? Beautiful! Keep it up... we're looking forward to seeing more blogs!

  2. Ed, this is AMAZING! Such clever design and attention to detail. Rob and I are waaaaaaaaay impressed!

  3. I really like the circular doors; they have an efficiency to them that I think is unique.

    Great work!