Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"Its the little things that count"

  Soooo, I think the galley is just about done even though I have to pull the sucker out in order to do some wiring.  That kind of extra work comes from attempting something for the first time, right, we've all done it. But I'm pleased with the outcome, nonetheless.

The following pictures have obviously been staged, yet I still felt like presenting a myriad of possibilities to ponder.

This is a view through the left side door opening that shows not only some of the cabinetry but also a shelf  that as you will see serves a multitude of uses. Barely visible just below her clavicle and next to his kneecap is the slightest hint of a......You 're probably wondering WTH I'm writing about....but I got your attention!!!!  My goodness this cabernet is good...... I probably shouldn't drink and blog.... Is there a  law, Jessica?
Really, there is a shelf just below the stereo, see it?

There it is, It pulls out 16 inches and can be used.....

...to serve a lovely camp dinner of frozen burrito and very light (almost invisible) glass of wine... (what the heck would the spoon be for with the burrito, or the knife for that matter) or ....

Watch  your wallpaper on your computer, ( How exciting is that!!!) or...

play a game of solitaire because the person you were traveling with got tired of looking at computer wallpaper and left so you're stuck with a deck of cards, or.....

WHAT THE HELL, a Polynesian Fertility god!  Where'd that come from?................
.......Well, enjoy the pix until next post, I'm going back to my wine. Later!


  1. What a fantastic job you've done on this trailer. I am new to trailer owning and I have a trailer light that is out. Do you know how I can replace the light? As in, how to do it?

    bryanflake1984| http://www.trailerandtruckparts.com/Lights-Wiring_c_38.html

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  3. Good job, Ed, both with the trailer and with the photography! Thanks for sharing!